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Photoproject "Love story"

To show the real emotions of two loving people can help our photographers. It is important to catch the eye, smile, hand movement.

I will try my best to uncover and show your natural beauty and lightness. Professional  open air photoshoot is guaranteed to give you pleasure. Feel harmony with nature.

Videos for "Dakar Rally"

In the year 2014 our operator traveled to South America, where the filmed videos for "Dakar Rally" along with famous Ukrainian blogger. For several weeks film crew passed about 10 thousand kilometers along Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

From our history

Our video Studio was formed in the year 2003 from the Group of professional directors, cameramen and producers. The main activity is production of video advertising and viral commercials, corporate films and documentaries, etc.

Studio facilities including

We provide everything a production could need, available for hire, including: 3 large studio spaces, an infinity curve green screen stage, facilities for production with makeup, costume & prop rooms, and various rehearsal spaces.

Our team's expedition

Our film crew visited different corners of the Earth. In 2012, the company participated in the ethnographic expeditions to the Balkans. The camera lens then hit the streets of cities in Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania.


Watch your favorite movie in a large stylish leather seat

Pairing your brand with an upcoming cinema release is a powerful way to make your product the centre of attention. Get it right and your customers can't help but share the good news, whether they're telling their mates to get a piece of the action or just mentioning in passing the film they went to see last night (courtesy of your brand of course!). The end result? More people hear about your brand and, ultimately, more product flies off the shelves!